Michigan Association of Public Employees


“Ultimately, the best part of the contract was being able to get large wage increases for most of our Employees and an overall wage increases of 3 percent for everyone. Honestly, it’s the best contract we’ve received, so that’s pretty great,” said Northville Library Local Union Co-President Samantha Loree. “The administration had done a salary study and found that we were vastly underpaying these positions. This is to rectify these lower wages and make it competitive. We have a reputation of treating our staff really well and we have great retention, but when those people leave how do we bring in excellent staff to replace them? Now, we have extra step increases. They can get hired in at any of those steps, according to experience. The reasoning was for future hires, especially for the Head of IT. The Clerks were the most upset about the salary study because they weren’t getting additional wage increases. … So all current (Clerks) were put at the highest wage and there’s a new wage scale for new hires. Our retention rate is so high that people have large Sick Banks, but I could only give 8 hours in donated Sick Time. Now I can give up to 24 of my hours … 8 hours to three different Employees. Ultimately, the contract came out in our favor with some great wage increases and all the benefits all the way down were excellent.”

Wage Increases:
3% increase effective Dec. 1, 2023.
3% increase effective Dec. 1, 2024.
3% increase effective Dec. 1, 2025.

  • Department Head Librarian will receive an additional 3.5% additional wage increase effective Dec. 1, 2023 for a total increase of 6.5% in the first year of the contract.
  • Librarians, full-time and part-time, will receive an additional 7.5% effective Dec. 1, 2023 for a total wage increase of 10.5% in the first year.
  • Head of Information Technology (IT) person will receive an additional 7.5% wage increase effective Dec. 1, 2023 for a total of 10.5% for year one. The IT person will also receive an additional 1.5% (for a total of 4.5%) in years two and three.
  • All existing Clerks were elevated to top pay within their pay scale.
  • All Employees received a signing bonus of $600 for full-time and $300 for part-time.

Fringe Benefits: Full-Time Employees may use Sick Time after 3 months of employment. Previously, Sick Time was available after 6 months of employment. Employees may voluntarily transfer up to 24 hours of Sick Leave per year to other Employees who have no Sick Leave available and will be out sick for more than one day. Each Employee is permitted to receive up to 8 hours of donated Sick Leave annually, so each Employee can donate to three different Employees. Previously, Employees were limited to donating 8 hours of Sick Leave annually. Employees will receive one additional Personal Business Day per year, up from 4 to 5 days. The Education Benefit increases from $250 per calendar year to $500 per semester with a maximum of $1,000 per year. Bereavement Leave was expanded to include domestic partner (5 days of paid leave). Short-Term Disability Insurance maximum will increase from $500 to $1,000 per week.

Health Care: An HMO option is available for those looking to save money on premiums.

Retirement Benefits: Part-Time Employees with at least 15 years of service at termination need not qualify for a pension to receive Sick Leave payout.

Bargaining Team: MAPE Labor Relations Specialist Gregg Allen with Local Union Co-Presidents Maureen Simari and Samantha Loree.