Michigan Association of Public Employees


“Now, Administrative Secretaries and Associates have the ability to move up an additional two steps on the pay scale for cross-training purposes, learning duties outside their department. It’s a 4% raise each step,” said MAPE Legal Counsel Bryan Davis, Jr. “The Senior Meter Technicians also have two additional steps, if they obtain certain licensures. They can move up 4.9% each step, an approximate $5,500 annual increase if the Employee moved up both steps. There is Certification Pay for licensures and certifications paid on an annual basis for various divisions. The lowest is $125 to $1,000 annually. You can stack that up depending on certifications or licensures. The prior Boot Allowance was $150. Now, for certain Employees, it’s $250 and for others it’s $200. There’s a brand new $55 Jacket Allowance, payable every 2 years.”

“The high points of the contract are definitely the increase we were able to get for select classifications, changes to the Uniform Allowance and the Boot Allowance and cleaning up a lot of the language,” said Nathan Izydorek, East Lansing Employees Local Union President. “With Bryan’s help, veteran members said our latest contract was the most detailed and most extensive changes we’ve had since almost 25 years ago. This is my first time negotiating. I just became President in the summer of 2020, so the whole experience was very new and very eye opening. I’m happy to have somebody like MAPE and its representatives on my side to help me through the whole situation.”

Contract Duration: 2-year agreement ratified Dec. 6, 2022 and effective 7-1-22 to 6-30-24.

Wage Increases: 
3% increase effective Dec. 6, 2022.
3% increase effective July 1, 2023.

  • Each Employee received a one-time Hazard Payment of $500 upon contract ratification.
  • Two additional pay scale steps were added to compensate Administrative Secretary/Associate Employees who receive cross training for positions outside their department. Each step amounts to a 4% increase in pay, raising the maximum pay from $52,700 to $57,000 for both steps.
  • Two additional pay scale steps were added for Senior Meter Technicians after they obtain certain licensures. Each step amounts to a 4.9% increase in pay, raising the maximum annual salary from $56,000 to $61,500 for both steps.

Fringe Benefits: Juneteenth was added as a paid Holiday. The Employer provided life insurance increased from $30,000 to $50,000 for all Employees. Increases were made in Certification Pay. New hires with certain certifications will receive a one-time $1,000 signing bonus. On an annual basis, Employees who obtain licensures and certifications will receive Certification Pay ranging from $125 to $1,000 per certification, depending on the types of certifications and licenses they obtain. The Certification signing bonus is stackable with the annual Certification Pay. The Employer added a Jacket Allowance of $55 every 2 years for Employees. Uniform Allowance, which was formerly part of the Employer policy, was added to the contract and increased from $145 to $155 annually. The Boot Allowance increased from $150 to $250 for Wastewater, Water Meter Technicians and Parking Employees and $200 for Housing and Trade Inspectors. 

Manning & Safety: Waste Water Treatment and Parking Department Employees receive an increase from $125 to $135 in weekly on-call pay for each week they are assigned.  

Bargaining Team: MAPE Legal Counsel Bryan Davis, Jr. with Local Union President Nathan Izydorek, Joy Ketchum and James Wilson.