Michigan Association of Police Organizations (MAPO) recently sent a letter urging Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the state legislature to come up with a budget deal generating over $2 billion mapoto fix Michigan roads.

The letter discourages reductions in General Fund revenue to fix roads, which reduces funding to public safety and first responders. A proposed change in the sales tax on fuel could cause an additional $200 million loss to General Fund revenue, according to MAPO.

Click here to view MAPO’s Road Budget Recommendation.

By Jennifer Gomori, MAPE Editor

While some people are concerned about what they post, text and otherwise share online, just as many view this as their First Amendment right to freedom of speech. No matter your view on the subject, legal advisors for MAPE are urging members to think twice before posting or texting anything sexual, racial or even political.

“You have a First Amendment right to say whatever you want to, but you don’t have a constitutional right to your job,” said MAPE Legal Counsel Catherine Farrell.

Public Employees should understand specific restrictions detailed in their contracts. “Look to the CBA to make sure you don’t violate it,” said Farmington Hills Attorney Arthur J. Weiss, who joined Farrell in a Social Media discussion with Union members during the Annual Open House in December.

Weiss recounted a case in which a Detective was accused of hitting on a witness and complainant. “There was nothing in the CBA for sexting, however it was clear the department could discipline him if they thought it was warranted,” Weiss said.

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Fire Science.org has put together a comprehensive guidebook for women in public service careers. In this guide, readers can access in-depth insights and research about careers in homeland security, forestry, public administration, cyber security, emergency management, criminal justice and paramedics.

This guide highlights careers for women in public service, throughout history and today.

A 2011 report by the Department of Labor found that women are 50 percent more likely than men to work in public sector jobs, with 18.2 percent of all female Americans serving in this arena. Click here to learn more about public service jobs for women and information about potential salaries and education requirements for specific positions.

FireScience.org began in 2012 to provide quality data and information for students pursuing a career in fire science. The website provides tools and resources to help students and professionals make well-informed decisions about their education and career training.

What a public employees' union must provide members in today's world

In order to guarantee its members the highest level of employment protection that is absolutely necessary in today's world, a public employees' union must provide total representation. This means that a complex battery of resources and a broad spectrum of specialized expertise must be readily available, at all times, to every member of the organization. In other words, the union must be armed with complete service capacity and a dedicated staff of eminently qualified professionals who will consistently deliver these services in a timely and coordinated fashion.

Specifically, all members must be assured:

1. Maximum appropriate financial compensation for the work they perform.
2. The best possible employment benefits, including pension and medical insurance.
3. Working conditions maintained at the highest standards.
4. Protection of all employees' rights, as established by law.
5. Immediate access to top-quality legal counsel whenever necessary.
6. Direct availability of professional assistance in matters of financial, insurance and retirement planning.
7. The strongest possible collective voice in communicating needs, opinions and positions to national and state lawmakers.
8. An internal communications program that keeps everyone in the organization fully informed, shares ideas, and functions as a two-way interconnection between the membership and the organizational leadership.
9. A media relations program which informs the public about the organization's position on issues affecting the membership and/or local associations.
10. A leadership structure which represents the membership's collective interests and goals in the creation and implementation of the organization's operating policy.

Total representation therefore entails delivering full-service in negotiating and enforcing contracts, guarding all members' rights, helping members plan their futures and protect their families, providing the membership with political and communications clout and guaranteeing that the organization's operating policy reflects the sum total of the membership's needs, objectives and ideals.

The Michigan Association of Public Employees is a full-service public employees union in every sense of the term. Each element of MAPE's extensive professional services is profiled on the following pages.