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Photos by Jennifer Gomori, MAPE Editor
Stuart Raider of the Raider Dennis Agency (from left center), a V.I.P. Sponsor of the Carl Parsell Memorial Scholarship Golf Outing, and his son, Josh Raider, congratulate 2018 Carl Parsell Scholarship recipients Jessica Williams (left) and Makenzie Leach (right).


Pre-med students receive 2018 Carl Parsell Scholarships

By Jennifer Gomori, MAPE Editor

Two college-bound students planning medical careers were honored with $2,500 Carl Parsell Scholarships during the 28th Annual Carl Parsell Memorial Golf Outing on June 7, 2018 at Links of Novi.

Makenzie Leach of Kalkaska and Jessica Williams of Fowlerville were awarded 2018 scholarships.

The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund was established in 1991 to continue the legacy of Parsell, a law enforcement union movement pioneer, by improving the lives and futures of others, through education. Scholarships are awarded each year to Michigan family members of Michigan Association of Police (MAP), Michigan Association of Public Employees (MAPE) and Michigan Association of Fire Fighters (MAFF) union members.

In its 28th year, $120,500 in Carl Parsell Scholarships have been awarded to help students obtain a college education. Funds for the scholarships are derived from the Annual Carl Parsell Memorial Scholarship Golf Outing.


2018 Carl Parsell Scholarship recipient Makenzie Leach (right) is the daughter of MAPE member Stacy Leach, a Kalkaska County Friend of the Court Case Manager.


Carl Parsell Scholar to pursue nursing training while in college

By Jennifer Gomori, MAPE Editor

Makenzie Leach is pursuing a career as a nurse and a $2,500 Carl Parsell Scholarship is helping her achieve that dream.
The daughter of MAPE member Stacy Leach, Kalkaska County Friend of the Court Case Manager, and Matt Leach of Kalkaska, was awarded the 2018-19 scholarship in June. She graduated Kalkaska High School with a 3.9 GPA this May.

In the fall, she plans to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at Northwestern Community College in Traverse City, which recently added the full four-year nursing program to their curriculum. “Receiving this scholarship award would be a great honor and take away some of the financial burdens of nursing school,” she wrote in her application.

Leach, who graduated with Honors, served as Junior Class President, Student Council President in her senior year, and a high school math tutor. Captain of the Varsity Softball Team her senior year, she played four years on the Varsity Softball team and was Kalkaska Blazer Softball MVP in 2017. Leach was also awarded five other scholarships totaling $4,000.

“Makenzie has distinguished herself as an academic, leader, and hard worker in numerous fields, but also as a tremendous person in our school community,” wrote Kalkaska High science teacher Matthew Rogers. “I am always impressed with her creative mind and independent work ethic. She never stops her pursuit of knowledge, and continually looks deeper and tries to make connections with the material. Makenzie searches for answers to problems and is willing to take risks and try new ideas to accomplish the goal.”

MAPE Executive Director Fred Timpner (right) presents Makenzie Leach of Kalkaska with a $2,500 Carl Parsell Scholarship.

“While taking a college level biology is difficult for most, Makenzie continuously keeps an open dialogue between herself and the instructor. This is an impressive trait that is rare for most high schoolers,” Rogers wrote. “As a leader she pushes the envelope with ideas and projects that provide the school and community with unique experiences. Makenzie has worked with individuals on school work or has been there to offer support for peers in need. She is the first person to help and will always go out of her way to make sure she can.”

As National Honors Society (NHS) Secretary, Leach volunteered at blood drives, gardening along community walking trails, and helped with parades and other local community events. She also volunteered with youth softball and the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation Youth Advisory Council, reviewing applications for grants and awarding funds to non-profit agencies.

Leach was a TBAISD Teacher Academy Program participant, assisting in elementary classrooms with instruction and was on TBA Career-Tech Center Principal’s Honor Roll. “Kenzie is a born leader and communicator. As my teacher academy student, she was helpful in all tasks creative, interpersonal and clerical,” wrote Matt Olds, Kalkaska High teacher and coach. “As for softball, Kenzie has been decorated as a top performer earning all-region twice, all-district, and all-conference three times. Kenzie can truly get big projects done with her attitude and rare ability to bring people together.”
Leach worked as a secretary at First Choice Trucking through a school-to-work program in high school. She babysits and has worked various summer jobs. This summer, she plans to return to work at Twin Birch Golf Course and will nanny.

“As a former teacher and coach of Makenzie Leach’s, I have been thoroughly impressed by her commitment and willingness to give 100% all the time,” wrote Jason Skeels. “I have seen a young woman who is dedicated, hardworking, and always willing to help others. Makenzie was a student of mine last year in TBA Teacher Academy Program and she was phenomenal. Her projects were second to none and she worked well with her host teachers throughout the school year. Not only was she successful in balancing her busy schedule, she has maintained exceptional grades and also volunteered numerous hours throughout her community.”

In college, Leach plans to get a jump start on her career while earning money by applying to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. “I’m hoping to work at Munson Hospital in Traverse City,” Leach said, adding that she would receive training and work experience if hired. “You get a paycheck and they also assist you with your college.”



MAPE Executive Director Fred Timpner (left) presents Jessica Williams with her 2018 Carl Parsell Scholarship.


Carl Parsell Scholar plans to become trauma surgeon

By Jennifer Gomori, MAPE Editor

Jessica Williams of Fowlerville plans to use her $2,500 Carl Parsell Scholarship to take the first steps in preparing for a medical career.

The daughter of MAFF Union member Daniel Williams, Jr. a Livingston County Paramedic, and Marcie Williams, graduated Fowlerville High School Suma Cum Laude with a 3.9 GPA. She is using her scholarship in pursuit of a bachelor’s of science degree in Biology at Grand Canyon University, a pre-med program.

“This scholarship will help me further my goals of going into the medical field by being a stepping stone to ease the burden of debt from attending college,” Williams wrote in her application. “My goal is to become a trauma surgeon and I chose this occupation so I can help people.”

Williams also received an American Red Cross $250 scholarship and an annual President’s Scholarship for $7,750 from the university based on her high GPA.

She is working at The Pizza Box in Fowlerville and plans to find a job near campus to help pay her schooling costs. Williams is looking forward to the warmer climate. “I think it will be fun to get out of my comfort zone and explore new places,” she said. “They have a really nice campus and their pre-med program is really good. I really liked the atmosphere there when I toured it.”

Jessica Williams of Fowlerville (center) plans to use her $2,500 scholarship to pursue a medical career. Her brother, Ben (right) and father, MAFF Union member Daniel Williams, Jr. (left) a Livingston County Paramedic, joined her at the Carl Parsell Memorial Golf Outing where she received her award.

Williams was section leader in Marching Band and received Chevron awards and a Varsity Letter in Wind Ensemble. “Both inside the classroom and out, she can be found putting in the work, knowing that her efforts now will only increase her successes down the road,” wrote William A. Vliek, Fowlerville High School Director of Bands. “In her time in band, she has taken private saxophone lessons and has become our lead alto saxophonist in our jazz band; requiring her to arrive at school 50 minutes early twice a week. In addition, she has taken it upon herself to take private voice lessons as well as private piano lessons.”

“Though her initiative and drive are exemplary, Jessica’s character is the trait I will remember most,” Vliek wrote. “She can be counted on for a smile when needed and has served as a great leader within our marching band. She understands that not everyone learns at the same pace and molds her leadership and teaching to fit each individual student. I have no doubt that this trait will bring her great success in the professional world when she needs to collaborate and work effectively with others.”

Williams also received an Academic Letter for Honor Roll and National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Award of Excellence for outstanding grades, leadership potential, and determination to serve humanity in the field of medicine. She received a Varsity Letter, pins, and was a mentor in Archery and completed courses and requirements of National Student Leadership Conference on Medicine and Health Care.

She also took time to help others as a Camp Counselor and volunteer at Center Lake Bible Camp. She plays in the Praise Band at Calvary Church in Webberville, is a Children’s Church volunteer and helps an older woman she befriended with weekly yardwork and cleaning. “She likes the company and we get along very well. She does (cardiac) research at Michigan State,” Williams said.

“Jessie is very determined, reliable and willing to do whatever task needs to be done to the best of her ability,” wrote Michael R. Carpenter, Associate Pastor at Calvary Church in Webberville. “She is respectful of authority, accepts criticism and takes responsibility for the task at hand. She is always willing to step up and fill a need when asked or when she sees an opportunity. She is a beautiful example of character and a role model to not only her peers, but to all ages, including myself.”

Calvary Senior Pastor Scott Gardziella described her as hard working, consistent and dedicated. “These qualities have made her an excellent volunteer at our church where she has devoted countless hours mentoring boys and girls in our children’s ministry and playing bass with our Praise Band,” Gardziella wrote. “She is kind and likeable, but not so worried about being liked that she changes with the crowd. This stability of character makes me trust her implicitly.”

Comparing her “outstanding” archery skills to life, Gardziella wrote, “She focuses on her goal, blocks out all the unnecessary noise and drama, takes careful aim at the target and hits the bullseye.”


Please follow the application instructions carefully. If you do not understand an instruction, call The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund (248 509-7159) for guidance.

Download the application


  1. Candidates must submit an original Application Form, signed by the applicant and fully completed. Please do not leave any question blank. If you cannot answer a question, you may fill in the blank with "None," "Zero," or "N/A" where appropriate.
  2. Application responses must be typed or printed legibly. Applications not legible will be disqualified for scholarship consideration.
  3. Scholarship Applicants should submit applications on the forms available (or photocopies of these forms). Application forms may be obtained through Scholarship Fund at (248) 509-7159.
  4. Candidates may submit additional information and/or documentation along with their application (for example: copies of letters of recommendation, awards, scholarships, personal accomplishments, school transcripts, etc.). Please do not send originals, as we are unable to return.
  5. The application must be written in English and all supporting documents must be in English or translated into English.
  6. Please take the time needed to prepare your written responses. The quality and relevance of your writing may be one of the top determining factors for earning this scholarship award.
  7. Candidates should consider the time needed to mail the application. Completed applications (along with any supporting documents) must be received by The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund no later than March 1, 2019. Applications may be mailed, faxed, or shipped to : The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund, 667 E. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 109, Troy, MI 48083. Fax: 248-509-7176 or Phone: 248-509-7159.
  8. Make sure the Certification page is signed and included with your application. Please note: All applications and supporting materials become the property of The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund, and as such, will not be returned. By submitting an application, the applicant accepts the conditions stated in this document.


The Carl Parsell Scholarship Selection Committee may base awards on academic achievement and potential, character, leadership, social awareness, career goals, financial need, will to succeed, and public service/community involvement.


March 1, 2019

Deadline for receipt of applications for the Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund 2019 competition.

March and April 2019

Scholarship Selection Committee begins the selection process.

May 2019

Scholarship Selection Committee meets to conclude the scholarship selection process.

June 2019

Scholarship recipients have been notified of their status. 2019 Carl Parsell Scholarship winners are formally recognized during the 29th Annual Carl Parsell Memorial Golf Outing.

July and August 2019

The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund mails Scholarship checks to each Scholar's college or university.


Please consider the time needed to mail your application. To be eligible, completed applications (along with any supporting documents) must be received by The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund no later than March 1, 2019. Applications may be mailed, faxed, emailed or shipped to the address specified below.

The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund
667 E. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 109, Troy, MI 48083
Fax: 248-509-7176 Phone: 248-509-7159
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For further information about the scholarship, please contact Ms. Julie Palmquist at any of the following: Telephone: 248-509-7159
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund

667 E. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 109, Troy, MI 48083


The mission of The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund is to assist members and their families who are motivated to improve society by enhancing their future careers through a college education.


Carl Parsell is rightfully remembered as the architect of modern-day police labor relations, as well as the preeminent pioneer of the law enforcement union movement. It would be nearly impossible to write a history of police unions without spotlighting him in the leading role. Carl spent an unparalleled career thinking about the welfare of the employees he represented, always taking effective actions to constantly improve their economic status, working conditions, and future. Known for his many accomplishments, Carl was greatly respected and set a tremendous example for all. Those who knew Carl still embrace his strength and continue to put his beliefs to work. The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund, established in 1991, honors Carl's memory in the most appropriate way possible; by continuing his legacy of improving the lives and futures of others, through education.


Carl Parsell Scholarships are awarded to deserving college bound students who desire assistance with their college tuition. Those benefiting from this program are the families of MAP, MAPE, and MAFF union members. Carl Parsell Scholarships may be used to cover a portion of educational expenses, including tuition, living expenses, and other required fees during the 2019-2020 school year. Scholars may use the award to attend any United States accredited university, college, community college, junior college, two or four year accredited degree-granting institution, or vocational training institution that grants a certification or license. Funds derived from the Carl Parsell Memorial Scholarship Golf Outing determine the number of scholarships to be awarded annually. The maximum award available per student is $2,500 (two thousand five hundred dollars).


To be eligible to compete in The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund Program,

  • Scholarship candidates must be a resident of the State of Michigan.Scholarship candidates must be a member of, or immediately related to a member of one of the following organizations:
    •  Michigan Association of Police, or
    •  Michigan Association of Public Employees, or
    •  Michigan Association of Fire Fighters
  • Scholarship candidates must have, or will have completed a high school education or its equivalent, on or prior to June 30, 2019.
  • Scholarship candidates must not have been convicted of any misdemeanors or felonies.
  • Scholars must be enrolled at the time of receipt of the scholarship as a full time student in an accredited institution of higher learning. This would include attendance at any United States accredited university, college, community college, junior college, two or four year accredited degree-granting institution, or vocational training institution that grants a certification or license.
  • Applicants must submit their fully completed, signed application to The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund on or before the March 1, 2019 deadline.

If you have any questions please call The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund (248 509-7159) for guidance. Important, please note:

  • Benefit determinations are made in a nondiscriminatory manner without regard to religion, race, color, physical or mental disabilities, sexual orientation, height, weight, age, marital status, or national origin of the prospective applicant.
  • MAP, MAPE, and MAFF executive board members, employees, and their families are not eligible to apply.
  • No Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund trustee or any member of The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund trustee's family (including wife/husband, mother/father, and children/first cousins) shall be eligible for consideration as a recipient.
  • Previous Carl Parsell Scholarship recipients are not eligible. 2019 Scholarship Award(s) must be used for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Carl Parsell Scholarship awards are paid directly to the college/degree-granting institution on behalf of the scholarship winner(s). Distribution of this fund will be accomplished by the submission of documentation of expenses; whereby, a check will be made out and forwarded to the institution. Award payment is contingent upon each Scholar providing the proper documentation in a timely manner to The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund. Withdrawing or dropping a class may affect a potential refund as the college, university, or educational institution will be required to refund Carl Parsell Scholarship Awards directly to The Carl Parsell Scholarship Fund.

Scholarship recipients will be notified of their award status on or before June 1, 2019.

All applications for the Carl Parsell Scholarship
are due March 1, 2019.