“It was a five-year contract with wage increases each year of the contract,” said MAPE Labor Relations Specialist Joe O’Connor. “They mirrored some language that the Communication Supervisors have. It brought language in line with what other Employees in the City are receiving. They accrue their vacation for 2 years and benefits increase up to 3 years for long term disability.”

“I’ve been there 12 years. This is the first time we’ve done a 5-year (contract),” said Local Union Secretary Fred Robinson. “The City liked it because they can budget 5 years ahead. We have so many units, it gave them the opportunity to not have all the units come to the table the same year. Our wage increase was better than previous years, so that was definitely an added thing for us. We’re getting a week vacation a year earlier than in our previous contract. They added in that 4-1/2 week increment and they lowered the year mark when you start to accrue the third, fourth and fifth week of vacation. They’re trying to get everyone on the same page for workers comp and disability with the other units. Those that are currently on long-term disability would not be affected by the changes. The positive for us is we’re not keeping them on the books for 5 years. It gives us the opportunity to be able to bring someone in. We’re required to take 8 hours of some time out of our bank a month (for short-term disability) and the City supplements the rest of the pay, so we maintain 80 percent pay while we’re on disability.”

Contract Duration: 5-year agreement, ratified August 2018, and effective 7-1-18 to 6-30-23.

Wage Increases:
3% increase effective July 1, 2018.
2% increase effective July 1, 2019.
2% increase effective July 1, 2020.
2% increase effective July 1, 2021.
2% increase effective July 1, 2022.

• Plus a Bonus of $150 in the first year of the contract.

Fringe Benefits:
Vacation Time: Added a step increase for 4 ½ weeks of Vacation Time at 13 years employment. Previously, Employees received 4 weeks of Vacation Time at eight years and the next increase was 10 years later with 5 weeks of Vacation Time at 18 years. The change in accrual results in Employees receiving their third, fourth and fifth week of Vacation sooner.
Short-term Disability Insurance: Employer agreed to enhance members short term disability by 10% plus allow an Employee to supplement up to 8 hours of Holiday pay, Sick Time, Vacation credits or floating holidays per month. If the Employee does not supplement their pay, the City will not supplement the short-term disability pay to maintain 80% of Employee’s original pay while on disability.
Long-term Disability Insurance: Added language pertaining to the accrual of benefits. In the first year, all accrued benefits continue. In the second and third years, accrual shall be Sick Time only. After the third year, there is no accrual of benefits and healthcare insurance ceases. This language mirrors the Communications Supervisor’s contract language.

Bargaining Team: MAPE Labor Relations Specialist Joe O’Connor and Local Union President Greg Schelesky, Vice President Jessica Morse, Treasurer Kathryn Allred and Secretary Fred Robinson.