“Northville Library Employees are receiving wage increases of 3 percent the first year followed by 2 percent and 1 percent over the 3-year agreement. Each full-time Employee also received a $520 signing bonus, while part-timers received $260 signing bonuses,” said MAPE Executive Director Fred Timpner. “Their dental benefits improved with coverage through Cops Trust Delta Dental. Their annual cap is $1,500 with full coverage for Tier 1 services and 90 percent coverage for Tier 2 services. Employees taking Family Medical Leave will no longer be forced to use up all their paid time off while on leave. Under the new contract, they can save some of their vacation days for future use.”

“We all feel good about the contract, especially the dental and FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act),” said Northville Library local union Co-President Laura Curtsinger.

Contract Duration: 3-year agreement ratified Oct. 6, 2017 and effective Dec. 1, 2017 to Nov. 30, 2020.
Wage Increases: Each Full-time Employee received a $520 signing bonus upon ratification of the contract and part-time Employees each received $260 signing bonuses.
3% increase Dec. 1, 2017.
2% increase Dec. 1, 2018.
1% increase Dec. 1, 2019.

Dental Benefits: Improved dental insurance through Cops Trust Delta Dental with a $1,500 cap and 100 percent coverage for Tier 1 services, 90 percent coverage for Tier 2 services and 60 percent for Tier 3 benefits.
Fringe Benefits: Employees now have the option to retain up to five vacation days while on Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) instead of being required to use all of their paid time off.
Bargaining Team: MAPE Executive Director Fred Timpner and Northville Library local union Co-President Laura Curtsinger, Co-President Samantha Downes, Secretary Vicky Dixon and Treasurer Nancy Clarizio.